I had a very pleasant appointment with Pattillo hearing service. They were prompt and very polite. They always give me prompt and an effective service. Thank. Leslie bishop
leslie bishiop, on Google
Excellent service. Bobby is great.
Wayne Braxton, on Google
Very friendly staff, great service, all questions where answered, and fast service of my equipment
Bill Carson, on Google
It was OKAY at first, but I did not feel that I received enough detailed information or instructions on the care of the device. The pamphlet was helpful, but it would have been better showing this client /patient just what-was-what in maintaining and cleaning. The information was addressed rather quickly by the representative since it comes easily from the provider, Mr. Bobby, but does not register with the client / patient. Just handing out the devices and placing them in ones ears, taking them outside and speaking to them from a distance, just doesn't cut it. I was really thrilled when I first received the Aids but as time went on within perhaps 3-6 months, they were more of a nuisance and a bother. Also, finding the correct batteries was also getting to be a challenge until we located the correct ones at the CVS store. I also lost the right one recently which never was fitted properly, due to the masks we have to wear and that one fell off some place in a parking lot! I have ordered a newer updated version, hopefully I will be more pleased with the results from another more suitable company and highly recommended by oncologists.
Loraine Novak, on Google
Been using Pattillo since 2008 & plan to continue using Pattillo as long as I have to wear hearing aids. They've always been honest with me regarding the best product for me with my hearing problem, cost & what to expect using my aids. They encourage me to come in for routine cleanings & check my aids to ensure all parts are as they are support to be. I know they have my best interest at heart & want me to be able to hear in all circumstances Kudos to Pattillo!👍👍👍😀
Carol Lawson, on Google

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